Dr Daniella Mark

Ph.D. (UCT)


Dr Daniella Mark is Senior Technical Advisor of PATA. A neuropsychologist by training, she has a special interest in the intersection of HIV and mental health. Previously PATA’s Executive Director and prior to that Head of the Social and Behavioural Sciences Division of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine for 8 years, she has produced more than 50 peer review publications and convention presentations in the areas of uptake and delivery of HIV prevention and treatment, with a specific focus on paediatric and adolescent services. Dr Mark was recognised in 2013 by the Mail and Guardian as one of South Africa’s Top 200 Young South Africans and has contributed to global policy including the development of WHO guidelines. She is a member of several global and regional platforms, coalitions and working groups targeting improved HIV services for paediatric and adolescent populations, including the IATT Child Survival and Community Engagement Working Groups.

Selected publications

Black, S., Zulliger, R., Marcus, R., Mark, D., Myer, L. & Bekker, L-G. (2014). Acceptability and challenges of rapid ART initiation among pregnant women in a pilot programme, Cape Town, South Africa. AIDS Care, 26(6), 736-741.

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Mall, S., Middelkoop, K., Mark, D. & Bekker, L-G. (2013). Changing patterns in HIV/AIDS stigma and uptake of voluntary counselling and testing services: The results of two consecutive community surveys conducted in the Western Cape, South Africa. AIDS Care, 25(2), 194-201.

Mark, D., Middelkoop, K., Black, S., Roux, S., Fleurs, L., Wood, R. & Bekker, L-G. (2012). Low acceptability of medical male circumcision as an HIV/AIDS prevention intervention within a South African community that practices traditional circumcision. South Africa Medical Journal, 102(6), 571-573.

Wood, R., Racow, K., Bekker, L-G., Morrow, C., Middelkoop, K., Mark, D. & Lawn, S.D. (2012). Indoor social networks in a South African township: Potential contribution of location to tuberculosis transmission. PLoS ONE 7(6): e39246. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0039246

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Johnstone-Robertson, S., Mark, D., Morrow, C., Middelkoop, K., Chiswell, M., Aquino, L., Bekker, L-G. & Wood, R. (2011). Social mixing patterns within a South African township community: Implications for disease transmission and control. American Journal of Epidemiology, 174(11), 1246-1255.

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Mark, D., Middelkoop, K., Roux, S., Gray, G., Mlisana, K., Nchabaleng, M., Churchyard, G., De Bruyn, G. et al. (2009). HVTN 503 (Phambili) trial discontinuation of enrolment/vaccination: The impact on trial participant attitudes to vaccine trials and scientific research. Retrovirology 6(s3), 214.

Contact details

Email Address: Daniella@teampata.org