How to apply for Honours in Psychology

Applicants must follow these steps:

1. Make an on-line application for study through the central UCT admissions office by no later than 31 October.
2. Complete and return the departmental application form directly to the department by no later than 31 October.

Applications will not be considered unless both forms have been received. If examination results are not yet available, these will be secured by the University. Applicants from universities other than University of Cape Town should provide their students numbers on the application form.

All candidates will be advised of the outcome of their applications by the second week in December. Successful candidates are required to confirm their acceptance in writing within ONE week.

Admission into Honours

The minimum requirement is a Bachelor's degree with a major in Psychology. The Department receives many more applications than the limited number of places we can offer in terms of staff, facilities and the high standards demanded by academic and professional requirements. All candidates are carefully considered and the screening process takes account not only of the total academic record, but also allows for consideration of individual cases in terms of the two criteria listed below.

1. Academic performance - A bachelor's degree with a major in Psychology (or equivalent number of modules in Psychology). As a general guideline, an upper second class pass in third-year level Psychology is a basic requirement. In addition, the general level of the entire academic transcript is considered, as well as the award of distinctions, honours and bursaries. Consistency in academic performance is important.

2. Equity - In line with the UCT mission of equity and excellence, the selection committee will deliberately seek to ensure that the class will reflect the diversity of talent available in the country.

Other achievements, such as previous employment, extra-curricular activities and similar activities do not play a role in the selection process.

Please Note: Rejection of candidates in a particular year need not necessarily imply that the Selection Committee is of the opinion that the candidates are unworthy of a place in the course, but rather that the available places have been filled by candidates who receive priority by virtue of their qualification.

The decision of the Selection Committee is final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into after selection has taken place. The process is generally completed by the end of the second week in December.

For any additional queries please contact Rosalind Adams. Her contact details can be found here.