Dr Protogerou has received a US grant to develop an integrated theoretical model of condom use for young people in Sub-Saharan Africa

6 Jun 2016 - 10:45

Dr Cleo Protogerou (Principal Investigator; Honorary Research Associate) has received a Social Science Meta-Analysis and Research Transparency (SSMART) grant, awarded by the University of Berkeley, California, with support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. 

The grant will support the development of an integrated theory (a synthesis of multiple theoretical perspectives that are complimentary) to explain and predict young peoples’ condom use in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). To date, the study of condom use and the development of condom promotion interventions in SSA have been based on single theories (typically socio-cognitive models) and single predominant perspectives (typically focussing on individual reasoned action). However, studies conducted in SSA have shown that young people living in the region engage in inconsistent or low condom use, despite receiving condom use promotion messages. Several authors have advocated that a potential reason for the limited success of condom use interventions is the fact that they are based on single theoretical perspectives. Single theories are hampered by a number of weaknesses, such as the intention-behaviour gap, individualistic bias, and emphasis on rational decision making, to name a few. The development of an integrated condom use model can address weaknesses associated with the use of single theories and offer a well-rounded, yet parsimonious explanation of condom use.

Dr Protogerou's co-investigators are Professor Martin S. Hagger (Curtin University, Australia), and Professor Blair T. Johnson (University of Connecticut, USA).