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Dr Catherine L. Ward

Ph.D. (South Carolina)

Background and research interests

  • Violence prevention (especially from the perspective of children's development, and public health approaches to evidence-based intervention)
  • Child maltreatment
  • Youth violence

Currently working on a national epidemiological study of child maltreatment in South Africa, and developing evidence-based parenting programmes to prevent child maltreatment and later youth violence.

Teaching responsibilities

  • PSY1004F: Introduction to Psychology, Part 1 (Psychological Treatments)
  • PSY1005S: Introduction to Psychology, Part 2 (Quantitative Research Methods, Community Psychology)
  • PSY2011F: Clinical Psychology 1 (Course Convenor; Substance Misuse; Childhood Mood and Behavioural Disorders)
  • PSY3007S: Research Methods in Psychology 2 (Quantitative Research Methods)
  • PSY4000W: Quantitative Research Methods (semester module in Honours course)
  • PSY4000W: Community Psychology (semester module in Honours course)

Selected publications‚Äč

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Ward, C.L. (2012). Interpersonal violence in South Africa: Connections and approaches to prevention. In Ellis, G., Stein, D., Meintjies, E., & Thomas, K. (Eds.), Substance use and abuse in South Africa. Cape Town: UCT Press.

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Contact details

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