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Lynn Aupiais

Lynn Aupiais

MSc Forensic Psychology (University of Portsmouth)


Background and Research Interests:

  • Trauma counselling
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Working with young offenders
  • Community Psychology
  • Autism


Teaching responsibilities:

  • Convenor of Abnormal Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (PSY2014S)
  • PSY1004F: Psychological disorders
  • PSY2014S: Mood disorders
  • PSY3011S: Depression, Personality disorders, Eating disorders and Childhood disorders
  • PSY4000W: Counselling theory and practice



  • Aupiais, L.N. (2017). Neurodevelopmental disorders. In Barlow, D.H., Durand, V.M., du Plessis, L., & Visser, C. (Eds.), Abnormal psychology: An integrative approach (1st South African ed.). Hampshire, England: Cengage Learning EMEA.


Contact Details:

Lynn Aupiais(MSc)

Email: lynn.aupiais@uct.ac.za

Psychology Department, PD Hahn Building

University of Cape Town