Dr Alicia Nortje

Dr Alicia Nortje



Research interests
Eyewitness memory for multiple perpetrators; upper limits of memory for unfamiliar faces; associative memory; computational models of human memory (for faces, and people); eyewitness statements

Current research projects

Using natural language processing to analyse witness statements and descriptions; developing a predictive model of eyewitness choosing behaviours; better understanding eyewitness memory for multiple perpetrators



Professor Colin Tredoux; Associate Professor Annelies Vredeveledt; Professor Sigi Sporer; Dr Ryan Fitzgerald; Professor Becky Milne


Teaching interests

Face recognition; eyewitness memory (undergraduate and postgraduate); statistics (undergraduate and postgraduate); research methodology; programming (R; EBA); artificial neural networks


Selected publications

Nortje, A. Tredoux, C.G., & Vredeveldt, A. (2017). How many faces can we remember? Why this matters when assessing eyewitnesses. In M. Bindemann & A. Megreya (Eds.), Face Processing: Systems, Disorders and Cultural Disorders. New York: NOVA Science Publishers. 

Nortje, A. & Tredoux, C. G. (2019). How good are we at detecting deception? A review of current techniques and theories .South Africa Journal of Psychology.



Contact Details

Email: alicia.nortje@gmail.com

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,

PhD (Applied Psychology; Psychology and Law)

Eyewitness Laboratory, 

Applied Cognitive Science and Experimental Neuropsychology Team (ACSENT) laboratory, 

Department of Psychology, 

University of Cape Town
Skype: lichza