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Dr Colin Tredoux

Ph.D. (UCT)

Background and research interests

  • Social psychology: Contact theory and social influence
  • Psychology and law: All aspects, but especially eye-witness research, legal decision making, and detection of deception.
  • Cognitive psychology: Face recognition.

Currently working on ID, a software system for enhancing eyewitness recall of face images; and measurement and methodologies in naturalistic observation of intergroup contact and segregation.

NRF Rating application 2018

For reviewers of my 2018 NRF rating application, please find additional material (copies of articles, software, some talks, here)

Teaching responsibilities

  • PSY2006F: Research in Psychology, I
  • PSY2003S: Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations
  • PSY2010S: Cognition and Neuroscience
  • PSY3009F: Applied Cognitive Science
  • PSY4000W: Psychology and Law (semester module in Honours course)
  • PSY4000W: Statistics in Psychology (semester module in Honours course)
  • PSY5031H: Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Selected publications

See my latest research on my Google Scholar profile. For research sorted by date of publication, click here.

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See also the Micro-Ecology of Contact.

Contact details

Tel: +2721 650 3424
Room Number: 2.18
Email Address: Colin.Tredoux@uct.ac.za