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Dr Colin Tredoux

Ph.D. (UCT)

Background and research interests

  • Social psychology: Contact theory and social influence
  • Psychology and law: All aspects, but especially eye-witness research, legal decision making, and detection of deception.
  • Cognitive psychology: Face recognition.

Currently working on ID, a software system for enhancing eyewitness recall of face images; and measurement and methodologies in naturalistic observation of intergroup contact and segregation.

Teaching responsibilities

  • PSY2006F: Research in Psychology, I
  • PSY2003S: Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations
  • PSY2010S: Cognition and Neuroscience
  • PSY3009F: Applied Cognitive Science
  • PSY4000W: Psychology and Law (semester module in Honours course)
  • PSY4000W: Statistics in Psychology (semester module in Honours course)
  • PSY5000W: Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Selected publications

See my latest research on my Google Scholar profile. For research sorted by date of publication, click here.

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See also the Micro-Ecology of Contact.

Contact details

Tel: +2721 650 3424
Room Number: 2.18
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