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Dr Floretta Boonzaier

Ph.D. (UCT)

Background and research interests

  • Feminist, critical and postcolonial psychologies
  • Work on subjectivity, especially in relation to race, gender and sexuality and gendered violence
  • Qualitative psychologies broadly, with special interests in narrative, discursive and participatory methods 

Teaching responsibilities

  • Introductory and Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
  • Critical Psychology of Gender & Sexuality

Selected publications

McCloskey, L. A., Boonzaier, F. A., Steinbrenner, S. Y. & Hunter, T. (in press). Determinants of intimate partner violence in sub-Saharan Africa: A review of prevention and intervention programs. Partner Abuse.

Boonzaier, F. & Gordon, S. (2015). Responding to men’s violence against women partners in post-apartheid South Africa: On the necessity of identification across identity’s intersections. British Journal of Criminology. [Online First] doi: 10.1093/bjc/azv090

Boonzaier, F. (2015). “If the man says you must sit, then you must sit …” The relational construction of woman abuse: gender, subjectivity and violence. In V. Burr (Ed.), Gender and Psychology (pp. 183-206). United Kingdom: Routledge Press.

Van Niekerk, T. & Boonzaier, F. (2015). Rules and representations: social networks’ responses to men’s violence against women in South Africa. In M. Hydén, D. Gadd & A. Wade (eds.), Response-based approaches to the study of interpersonal violence. United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan.

Boonzaier, F. & Gadd, D. (2015) Narrating the intersectionalities of gender violence. Oñati Socio-Legal Series, 5, 1429-1432.

van Niekerk, T. & Boonzaier, F. (2015). “You’re On The Floor, I’m The Roof And I Will Cover You": Social Representations Of Intimate Partner Violence In South Africa. Papers on Social Representations, 24, 5.1 – 5.28.

Boonzaier, F., Lehtonen, J. & Pattman, R. (2015). Youth, violence and equality: Perspectives on engaging youth toward social transformation. African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, 13, 1-6.

Boonzaier, F. & Zway, M. (2015). Resisting discrimination and negotiating safety: Young black lesbian and bisexual women represent their experiences through Photovoice. African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, 13, 7-29.

Huysamen, M. & Boonzaier, F. (2014). Men’s constructions of masculinity and male sexuality through talk of buying sex. Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care, DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2014.963679

Boonzaier, F. (2014) Methodological disruptions: Interviewing domestically violent men across a ‘gender divide’. NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies, 4, 232-248.

Boonzaier, F. (2014). Talking against dominance. South African women resisting dominant discourse in narratives of violence. In, M. N. Lafrance & S. McKenzie-Mohr (eds.), Creating counter-stories. Women voicing resistance (pp. 102-120). United Kingdom: Routledge Press.

Aulette-Root-Toyer, A., Boonzaier, F. & Aulette, J. (2014). South African Women Living with HIV: Global Lessons from Local Voices. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Boonzaier, F. A. & van Schalkwyk, S. (2011). Narrative Possibilities: Poor women of color and the complexities of intimate partner violence. Violence Against Women, 17, 267-286.

Shefer, T., Boonzaier, F. & Kiguwa, P. (Eds.) (2006). The Gender of Psychology. Juta: Cape Town.

Boonzaier, F. & de la Rey, C. (2003). “He’s a man and I’m a woman …” Cultural constructions of masculinity and femininity in South African women’s narratives of violence. Violence Against Women, 9, 1003-1029. 

Contact details

Tel: +2721 650 3429
Room Number: 3.12
Email Address: Floretta.Boonzaier@uct.ac.za