Dr Lauren Wild

Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Background and research interests

  • Family stress (particularly parental HIV/AIDS, interparental conflict and divorce), caregiving, and child adjustment
  • Adolescent risk behaviours

Teaching responsibilities

Developmental Psychology

Selected publications

Botha, C.J., & Wild, L.G. (in press). Evaluation of a school-based intervention programme for South African children of divorce. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Protogerou, C., Flisher, A.J., Wild, L.G., & Aarø, L.E. (in press). Predictors of condom use in South African university students: A prospective application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, E23-E36.

Casale, M., & Wild, L. (in press). Effects and processes linking social support to caregiver health among HIV/AIDS affected carer-child dyads: A critical review of the empirical evidence. AIDS and Behavior, 17, 1591-1611.

Wild, L.G., Flisher, A.J., & Robertson, B.A. (2013). Risk and resilience in orphaned adolescents living in a community affected by AIDS. Youth and Society, 45, 140-162.

Fakier, N., & Wild, L.G. (2011). Associations among sleep problems, learning difficulties and substance use in adolescence. Journal of Adolescence, 34, 717-726.

Wild, L.G., Flisher, A.J., & Lombard, C.F. (2010). Sexual behaviour of high school students in two rural South African communities. Journal of Psychology in Africa , 20, 35-42.

Wild, L.G., Flisher, A.J., & Lombard, C. (2004). Suicidal ideation and attempts in adolescents: Associations with depression and six domains of self-esteem. Journal of Adolescence, 27, 611-624.

Wild, L.G., Flisher, A.J., Bhana, A, & Lombard, C. (2004). Associations among adolescent risk behaviours and self-esteem in six domains. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 45, 1454-1467.

Wild, L.G., & Richards, M.P.M. (2003). Exploring parent and child perceptions of interparental conflict. International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 17, 366-384.

Contact details

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Room Number: 2.08
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